Midwifery Center Global Conference – February 22-24, 2024 – Oaxaca, Mexico

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GoodBirth is a global network of midwifery centers providing safe and respectful care to women and their families

The Network

The GoodBirth Network was created in 2016 to facilitate collaboration among midwifery birth centers in middle and low income countries. Network centers share educational resources and quality assurance programming. The network has created global operational standards and a pathway to accreditation.

The Model of Care

A midwifery center (or birth center, or midwifery unit) provides safe, evidence-based care before, during and after childbirth to healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Quality, respectful care is provided by professional midwives. Timely access to more advanced obstetrical and neonatal care is facilitated when needed.

The midwifery model of care is recommended by the World Health Organization and UNFPA to reduce preventable maternal and neonatal deaths and morbidity, and improve outcomes and patient experience.


The GoodBirth Network Operational Standards were developed by a multinational group of midwifery birth centers and stakeholders.  The standards reflect best practices and commitments to mothers and babies.


Accreditation is a voluntary, educational process that recognizes commitment to continuous quality improvement. Accreditation is an award for the center; an accomplishment for the center’s staff; and a critical assurance for those that use, support, and fund the center’s programs.


  • Models of care and best practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Data registry
  • Manual for operating midwifery centers in global settings
  • Pathway to global peer accreditation

The GoodBirth Network is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)3 in the USA. Contributions support quality improvement programs for midwifery centers in middle and low income countries.

Photos on this page courtesy of Midwives for Haiti and our Global Network

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