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Providing global networking and support for the birth home model of care


Education and Collaboration

Encouraging health care autonomy and collaboration between all interested parties to gather, talk, educate, and problem solve together.


Standards for Good Practice

Raising the quality of birth home care and maternal, infant outcomes in low resource areas utilizing the birth home-midwifery model.

Midwifery Led Birth Centers: a global definition

A midwifery led birth center (MLBC) is a health care facility serving women through their life course, utilizing the wellbeing midwifery model of care, in a home like collaborative space, ensuring basic emergency maternal and neonatal level of care at birth.  It is...

NPR Feature: Cris Alonso, “Mexican Women Look For Alternatives To Cesarean Sections”

Mexico has one of the highest rates of cesarean sections in the world. Almost half of all births there are by C-section. But, as Jonathan Levinson reports from Mexico City, some women there are upset about the practice and they’re looking for alternatives. As well-trained midwives become more available, natural birth is coming into vogue.

Global Force for Healing

The GoodBirth Network is proud to be a member of the Global Force for Healing, a social profit organization that connects underserved birthing and health-related projects to share wisdom, challenges and educational information. Global Force for Healing’s mission...

2017 Haiti Birth Home Symposium

   The 2017 Birth Home Symposium April 6, 2017, Petionville, Haiti – Sixty birth center representatives and supporters gathered on April 6, 2017 at the Hotel Montana for the 2017 Birth Home Symposium.  Participants were from Haiti, the United States,...

WHO and partners call for better working conditions for midwives

13 OCTOBER 2016 | GENEVA – WHO, the International Confederation of Midwives, and the White Ribbon Alliance are calling for an end to the discrimination, harassment and lack of respect that hinder midwives’ ability to provide quality care to women and newborns....

Special thanks to these partner organizations

The American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) Asociación Mexicana de Partería Association des Infirmières sages-femmes d’Haïti (AISFH) Baby+Co Children’s Medical Missions of Haiti (CMMH) The Commission for Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) Direction de Sante de...

SPOTLIGHT: Mangala Devi Birth Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mangala Devi is a demonstration birth center at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The unit was established as a combined effort by the department of obstetrics and gynecology, volunteers from the Royal College of Midwives in the United...

SPOTLIGHT: Samaritan’s Purse Birth Centers, Cambodia

There are many barriers to reducing maternal and newborn deaths in rural Cambodia. Poverty, lack of education, distance to a health facility, road conditions, cultural practices and poor decision making forces mothers to give birth at home without a  skilled birth...

SPOTLIGHT: Shanti Uganda, Kasana, Uganda

The Shanti Uganda improves infant and maternal health, provides safe, respectful, gentle care and supports the well-being of birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Founded as an income generating enterprise in 2008,Shanti Uganda’s solar...

SPOTLIGHT: Pakarii Casa de Nacimiento, Lima, Peru

Pakarii Casa de Nacimiento (Pakarii Birth Home), the first birth center in Peru, was opened in Lima in 1995 with the purpose of promoting and expanding the philosophy of natural birth and waterbirth. In the Andean native language Quechua, Pakarii means “dawn, coming...

GoodBirth Birth Home Atlas

Around the globe, birth home models and practices are evolving in response to diverse economic, political, cultural, and geographic contexts. The GoodBirth Network is mapping birth homes and supplying linkages to promote best practices, share resources, and enhance safe options for normal birth.

Please help us to expand this growing compendium.  Point us to additional birth homes or share helpful details by contacting info@GoodBirth.net.

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The GoodBirth Network is a collaboration of professionals working to
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