Midwifery Centers

A midwifery center is a healthcare facility that offers birth and reproductive health services using the midwifery model of care. Midwifery centers specialize in care for normal birth while facilitating timely access to more advanced obstetrical and neonatal care.

Midwifery centers (also known as birth centers or midwifery-led units) are an important part of the healthcare systems of many upper income countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia. Midwifery centers are becoming more common in low and middle income countries. In these global settings, midwifery centers have special importance because they provide safe, respectful, community-based, woman-centered care.

GoodBirth has been mapping global midwifery centers since 2016. Click on the map below to open GoodBirth’s Atlas of midwifery centers.

GoodBirth Global Atlas of Midwifery Centers

Members of the GoodBirth Network are midwifery centers who support one another for education and quality improvement. Network collaboration takes place online and at regional conferences. Most network member centers are located in middle or low income countries.

Directory of the GoodBirth Network

Join peers in the GoodBirth Network by contacting us at: info@GoodBirth.net

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