Morada Violeta, Mexico City, Mexico

Hannah Borboleta, Midwifery Director

Kay Cisneros, Partera

Regina Llanes, Partera

Morada Violeta is the first comprehensive care center for women’s sexual and reproductive health with a feminist approach in Mexico City. We create community spaces and work as a network from a Comprehensive Midwifery Care Model . From popular education we build collective knowledge to politicize self-care and generate autonomy for women in Mexico.

Our work adheres to the highest standards of women’s human rights and sexual and reproductive rights based on the following aspects:

  • International wellness standard
  • Millennium Goals to improve maternal health
  • Self-care management as an action of co-responsibility

Our programs of sexual and reproductive rights center around:

  • Midwifery with a feminist approach
  • Self care
  • Feminist economics


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