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Global Board of GoodBirth Network

Stan Shaffer MD MTS

Kansas City and San Francisco, USA
Stan is a neonatologist and co-founder of the GoodBirth Network.  He is a Governor and Vice-President of the Commission for Accreditation of Birth Centers and an advisor for Global Health at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, School of Medicine.  He was co-founder of the Global Birthing Home Foundation and Maison de Naissance, a birth home in Haiti.

Jennifer Stevens CNM MS

Reading and Boston, USA
Jennifer is a midwife and co-founder of the GoodBirth Network.  She was formerly the director of the Reading Birth Center and as Vice-President of the American Association of Birth Centers.  She is currently perusing a doctorate of Public Health at Boston University.

Denise Fryzelka PhDc CNM

Madison, WI
Denise is an American midwife and founding director of Maison de Naissance, a birth home in Haiti.  She has also worked in Switzerland, Hungary, and Guatemala.  Denise is currently completing a PhD at Marquette University in (Milwaukee, USA).

Cynthia Ingar PhD

Peru and Grenoble, France
Cynthia is a medical anthropologist, women’s health educator, and doula.  She has worked to support holistic cultural approaches to women’s health and dignity internationally.  Cynthia is founder of Hampi Warmi, a Peruvian based non-profit aimed to bring woman medicine and wisdom back to women and girls worldwide. The main project, KillaWarmi Project, is a set of intercultural and community-based programs in Peru that empower Andean women and girls in areas of reproductive health. Cynthia also teaches international women’s workshops and retreats in South and North America.

Jane Drichta CPM MSc

Seattle, WA and Nsassi, Uganda
Jane is a midwife, doula, birth educator, and writer. Jane holds a Certificate in Professional Midwifery (CPM), as well as an MSc in Global Public Health and Policy from Queen Mary University of London. Additionally, she holds a post graduate diploma in Tropical Nursing from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Co-author of “The Essential Homebirth Guide,” Jane’s research interests include maternal health systems, infectious disease and pregnancy and the sociological impact of epidemics on pregnant women. She is the doula training instructor at Shanti Uganda, and has developed training curricula and conducted midwifery workshops on three continents.

Ginger Breedlove CNM, PhD, FACNM

Kansas City and New York City, USA
Ginger is a midwife of 38 years, now serving as SVP of Clinical Operations for Baby + Company, a fast-growing entity demonstrating excellence in outcomes and cost of care across the US. She is the immediate Past-President of the American College of Nurse-Midwives. Her work has spanned birth center founder, hospital practice, and professor of midwifery. Ginger serves on the March of Dimes Foundation National Nurse Advisory Council; ICM Council, and has written numerous publications, book chapters, and co-authored, The community based doula: Supporting families before, during and after birth.  She is currently the President, March for Moms Association, a collaborative spearheading public awareness for improving health of moms and babies in the US.

Cris Alonso CPM MPH

Mexico City, Mexico

Cris is a midwife and the founder of Luna Maya Birth Centers in Chiapas and Mexico City, Mexico.  Previously, she was a consultant in sexual and reproductive health in Central America.  Cris currently serves as President of the Mexican Midwifery Association and she mentors midwifery students while advocating for the midwifery model of care in Mexico.

Ainsley Rufer

Allentown and New York City, USA
Ainsley is a marketing entrepreneur with a passion for global networking for women and newborn health. She leads the digital presence of the GoodBirth Network including the website, discussion forums, social media, and graphic design. Happy to collaborate with nonprofit organizations, Ainsley specializes in functional website solutions on a reduced-cost budget. To see her portfolio or contact her about a new project, click here to visit her freelance website.

Natalie Angell-Besseling

Vancouver, Canada
Natalie is an innovator and social entrepreneur.  She is the founder Shanti Uganda, a non-profit organization in Canada and a birth home in Uganda.  In addition to a background in international development, she is a doula trainer and yoga instructor.

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