Dulce Espera Centro Obstetrico Familiar

Pedro Velasco y Vicente Pinzón

Cuenca, Ecuador

+593 99 899 7718


Obst. Elbia Martínez


WhatsApp: 593998997718

Elbia Martez, the director of Dulce Espera, says that Ecuador is suffering from an epidemic of C-sections and the her city city Cuenca has become known as the “city of C-sections” in Ecuador. Dulce Espera is providing a safe-haven from this epidemic offering prenatal and normal birth services by formally trained, professional midwives (obstetrices).

Women in Ecuador are not familiar with the midwifery model of care, so Dulce Espera offers prenatal preparation classes to educate and inform women about birth options. Dulce Espera also provides national workshops for leader obstetrices.

The midwifery practice at Dulce Espera includes an “undisturbed” woman-centered approach. A cervical examination is typically performed only at admission to the birth center. Thereafter, the midwives rely on observation for the progress of birth. The mother is given a mirror to observe her baby’s descent and crowning. Mothers enjoy taking this mirror home as a keepsake. Dulce Espera is also the only birth facility in Ecuador providing water births.


  • Prenatal preparation courses for a natural birth care
  • Intercultural approach
  • Alternative deliveries: vertical, in Water, and humanized delivery
  • Care of women’s diseases
  • Preventive exams: Papanicolaou and breast exams
  • Family planning
  • Climacteric and menopause care
  • Counseling and reproductive health courses
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