The Shanti Uganda improves infant and maternal health, provides safe, respectful, gentle care and supports the well-being of birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Founded as an income generating enterprise in 2008,Shanti Uganda’s solar powered Birth House opened in 2010.  To date Shanti Uganda has provided over 2060 prenatal visits to local women, and over 900 babies have been born into our registered Ugandan midwives’ hands.  Shanti Uganda has also provided STI (including HIV) testing to over 2500 women and to 450 of their partners. Shanti Uganda has been recognised by the District Health Officer for our outstanding rate of father participation in the perinatal process. And in a country the size of Oregon, where 16 women a day lose their lives giving birth, Shanti Uganda’s maternal mortality rate remains zero.

Shanti Uganda utilises a unique collaborative care model, providing a culturally appropriate mix of local knowledge held by Traditional Birth Attendants and evidence-based practices used by its trained Ugandan midwifery staff.  Shanti Uganda hosts workshops and retreats throughout the year, including an international doula training and prenatal yoga teacher training, inviting the wider global family to our home space in Uganda.  Shanti Uganda is poised for growth and looks forward to what the future will bring.

Noteworthy good birth practices

  • Collaborative care model with TBA’s to combine local knowledge and evidence best practices
  • Programs to bring wider community into birth center’s home space
  • Father participation

Fact Sheet

  • Location: Kasana, Luwero district
  • Established:  2010
  • Staffing: 17 staff (all Ugandan) including 7 midwives
  • Clinical volume: 30 deliveries per month
  • More information:

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Jane Drichta, 2016